The MiddleMan

*Note to self*

Next person that tells me I need to not be friends with someone cause THEY dont like that person, needs to go fuck themselves.

Tired of playing middleman. I am friends with the people I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH!

So from here on out I need to make sure I remember to carry my nerf baseball bat around for people like this. So when they utter something stupid like, "Well you shouldnt be friends with them cause *insert some emo thing here*." I can beat them senseless, and not leave any marks.

Slightly emo post

Over the last couple years I have bitched alot about my family in my journal and to my friends. I hate doing it but its really the only way I have of dealing with some of the issues that my family tends to bring up. Now luckily I can set most of their issues to the side and deal with them as I get a chance, and thats the luxury of not living with them anymore.

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Louisville Crime


Just thought it was weird to see that louisville has been having such an issue with crime lately. The city itself has always has its issue but with the econ heading further and further south, its been getting worst.

My office was robs just a month or so ago but a group of clever kids that managed to get my uncle out of the office long enough for them to sneak in and snatch about 1000 dollars. I also tend to an ATM machine on a weekly basis and normally I never worried about it, but lately I have debated on getting some form of personal protection incase someone does try to rob me.

Granted there are cities with worst issues and crimes, but I thought it was interesting considering this is normally a pretty quiet place.

US Auto Makers

The big three auto makers want 26 billion in a bailout to save their companies. They say the US cant afford to have those companies fail. I disagree.

I don't want to see people out of work, but those factories can be retooled for many different things and those workers can still hold their jobs.

The US auto makers cut corners, and built cheap cars OR went huge and built way over the top SUVs. Either way it was a waste and they dug their own grave.

The banks I can understand. They really do need saving cause that's a lot of peoples livelihoods, and if their bank accounts disappeared, there would be major issues. Cars are luxury items. If my car disappeared tomorrow, it would suck hard core but I could survive.

I say let the big three die, sell their assests to other companies that can use the factories, keep the people employed and move on.

I don't approve of my tax money going to bail out a company that I wont buy a product from.
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I had a great time at the con. Was a great escape and was wonderful getting to see old friends. Nothing really special happened at all, it was just a good average weekend with furry friends.

As for the con, I did what I mostly do. Socialized and such. Only went to the charity auction, which I was a tad disappointed to see that next years super sponsor level for MFF wasnt auctioned off. Either way, oh well.

And for those of you that know any of the MFF staff members, you need to thank them. Some odd shit went on this year, and they did a great job taking care of it. So good job to those people.
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Gay Marriage

The votes across the country last week that banned gay marriage still annoy me. Especially the one in California.

Short and the sweet of the entire issue is that there is no reason not to allow gays to marry, other than the church doesn't like it, and that isn't a valid reason in the eyes of the law. Something about these votes across the country seem odd to me.

Civil Union and Marriage are not the same. They might have the same key points but they are still completely different in name and that is important. It's much like the old black and white water fountains; they both are water fountains but they are still separate.

And yes I think it is fair to compare the black civil rights movement of that to the gay and lesbian one. They both are minority groups that have been subjected to hatred for a long time now. Now is that hatred equal? No, and the black community has suffered in the past far greater than the gay community, but they both are still minority groups.


Well this is something to remember. Looks as if Obama will win. Definately a history making event. Mark your calanders and remember what you were doing cause hopefully this will be the day that starting the ball rolling for change in this country.
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